Shinsei "A Debt of Gratitude Owed"

Hapkido "The Way of Harmony and Power"

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The board of directors of Shinsei Hapkido consists of the following individuals: founder, Joseph Lumpkin, senseis Rick Milliken, Eddie Greydon, Eric Stieg, David Lyons, and David Dunn. A board of overseers has been established, made up of highly ranked and respected teachers and founders of other systems. These are Mark Barlow, Richard Worthington, and Chris Dewey. 

(By romanizing Hangul, Shinsei can be rendered as Shinse, Shin Sei or as Shin Se. We have posted the Hangul as the first picture on this page.)

Welcome to the Home of the Shinsei Hapkido Federation.
Member of the World Kido Federation.


All Valid ranks are listed on the Schools page or at which holds more information and links related to this wonderful style and Kwan of Hapkido.
Shinsei Hapkido has its begining in the very earliest history of Hapkido and thus maintains the flow and feel of its Aiki Justu roots. Before the 1970's Hapkido was not associated with Tae Kwon Do and had very few kicks. Great emphasis was placed on pain compliance and Aiki Justu type locks, throws, and projections. Shinsei Hapkido traces its roots back to the days when Hapkido was as its name states - Harmony-Power Way.

Learn more about Shinsei Hapkido in the book, "Warrior's Heart Revealed," by Daryl Covington and Joseph Lumpkin. 

For more information, you may write to [email protected] 
 USA headquarters:
Joseph Lumpkin
2795 County Hwy 57
Blountsville, AL 35031 
Phone us in the USA at 256-631-5107

Korean Headquarters at
2nd Floor
247-25 Itaewon-2-Dong, Yongsan-Gu
Seoul, South Korea 140-8569
Now closed due to the death of Daryl Covington

Shinsei Hapkido - The Complete Art
Joseph Lumpkin -  7th dan World Kido Federation
and Hanminjok Hapkido Association
Head of Shinsei Hapkido (8th dan)
Schools outside the Americas are Managed by
Edward Graydon 7th dan

Click here to view the complete catalog of books by Joseph Lumpkin, including the text book of Shinsei Hapkido, "Warrior's Heart Revealed."

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Member - Hanminjok Hapkido Association
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